Kidmin PowerPoint Games Volume 2

Kidmin PowerPoint Games Volume 2


On-screen games are a great way to add energy and excitement to your children’s ministry. These games are created by Jack Henry to get as many kids involved as possible. They have been kid-tested and approved!

In Kidmin PowerPoint Games Volume 1, you’ll receive four games:

This is a super fun, fast paced game that will get the whole group up and going. Although only one kid is on stage at a time, the whole crowd will be acting out what they see on the screen, while the kid on stage is trying to guess what they are doing! Fun times!

The flea will be hiding under one of four objects. Pick the right object and get crazy points for your team! BUT, BE CAREFUL… If you pick the wrong object you can lose points. This is a dog gone great game!

This game will present useless pieces of information that will clutter your brain and teach you things you never knew before! But hey, you will walk away smarter and with your side hurting because of the laughter!

In this super fun game, kids will try and guess where certain foods had their beginning. The answers may seem obvious, but GET READY FOR SOME SURPRISES! Not only is this game amazing, but it will make you hungry as well!

This downloadable resource includes:

  • Complete Powerpoint game files

  • Individual game slides (JPG files)

  • Title slides (JPG files)

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