Kidmin PowerPoint Games Volume 1

Kidmin PowerPoint Games Volume 1


On-screen games are a great way to add energy and excitement to your children’s ministry. These games are created by Jack Henry to get as many kids involved as possible. They have been kid-tested and approved!

In Kidmin PowerPoint Games Volume 1, you’ll receive four games:

In this game, two leaders will tell you the meaning of some difficult words. One will be stating a FACT and the other will be FAKE! You have to chose which is true! Your kids will be left scratching their heads and laughing out loud! These are real words with real meanings. The kids will have to figures out which is true!

It’s time to see just how much you really know about these amazing animals! Each question will present three different answers to chose from, but only one answer can be correct! Great graphics of super silly monkeys will keep everyone in this game! Who doesn’t like monkeys?

Your job is to make sure you get off on the correct exit each time! There’s nothing worse that having to turn around and back track after missing your exit! Troopers are everywhere so be careful not to get caught speeding, running a light, or having ROAD RAGE! You will have to answer a Bible question correctly or pay a steep fine! Boys against Girls!

The Captain has fallen ill and can not guide the ship! The crew is afraid and does not know what to do! The crew has chosen YOU to be the Captain and your job is now to guide this monster cruise ship safely to it’s tropical destination! It’s left, right, or full steam ahead!

This downloadable resource includes:

  • Complete Powerpoint game files

  • Individual game slides (JPG files)

  • Title slides (JPG files)

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