Something Fishy: Elementary Version

Something Fishy: Elementary Version


This 4-week unit of KidzMatter Curriculum will help your kids learn more about being fishers of men!

  • Book of Jonah

Kids will learn the story of Jonah disobeying God. They will also discover that Jonah should have listened to God and obeyed Him from the start. They will also understand that we should listen and obey when God instructs us!

  • Fishermen Leave Their Nets

Everyone will learn the account of Jesus calling the four fishermen to join Him. Kids will also figure out that the four fishermen left what they knew and joined Jesus, and that Jesus still calls us to join and follow Him.

  • Many Fish

Children will learn the story of Jesus giving Peter directions on fishing, and that Peter listened to the directions from Jesus. Finally, kids will learn that we are also called to be fishers of men.

  • Jesus Makes Breakfast For His Disciples

You will learn about the account of Jesus calling His disciples ashore and making them breakfast. We will also learn that God knows what we are hungry for, spiritually and physically. Finally, kids discover that God sets a table for us full of spiritual and physical food. It is our responsibility to get out of the boat and “eat” it.

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