The Ultimate Kidmin Fall Fun Event Guide

The Ultimate Kidmin Fall Fun Event Guide

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The Ultimate Kidmin Fall Fun Event Guide is meant to equip you with great ideas that have been tried and proven. All you have to do is add PRAYER and PASSION and we have no doubt you and your team will make a great impact for your church and community.

In this downloadable guide, you will find 24 kid-tested fall events. What does this mean? It means they work!

Actually these events are “kid-tested and FAMILY approved.” We want the kids to be happy, but when mom and dad are having even more fun than the kids, well, you’ve done something right! Families need and want to have fun together, and with the Ultimate Kidmin Fall Fun Event Guide, they will.

The ideas include:

  • Animal Tales

  • Art Extravaganza

  • Backyard Bash

  • Candyland

  • Drive-In

  • Fall Kicko

  • Family Fair

  • Fear Factor

  • Halloween Pit Stop

  • Imagination Celebration

  • Light the Night

  • Monarch Madness

  • Next Door Light

  • Night of Worship

  • Pumpkin Chunkin

  • Reverse Halloween

  • Treat-N-Tell

  • And more!

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