This iKnow Elementary Curriculum

This iKnow Elementary Curriculum


This iKnow is a quarterly unit, gospel-centered, teacher-led, exciting, fantasterrific curriculum for elementary ministry. It has everything you need to help lead kids to know, love, and serve Christ.

What’s in it?
You can expect to find these awesome components in every lesson:

  • Bible-based lesson

  • PowerPoints® to accompany each lesson

  • Videos that will make you LOL

  • Loopy games

  • Amazing object lessons

  • Take-home sheets

  • And 12-16 other elements to make it just right for you!

Who is This iKnow for?
This iKnow is for first to sixth grade kids. It’s for those who want to see kids know, love, and serve Christ. It’s for busy teachers who care about their kids’ spiritual development. It’s for churches who look for a new ways to connect Sunday morning to every day. This iKnow is for just about anyone!

How will it be delivered?

Since the files are so large (normally over 1 GB per unit) a download link will be sent to you manually, within 48 hours, from one of our team members.

*Click here to download the Scope & Sequence

*Click here to download a Sample Lesson

What is each unit about?

Unit 1: Extreme This unit is a set of EXTREME lessons about people who God used in EXTREME ways. Each story focuses on something far beyond what you could dream up … which ties in so well with the unit verse: 1 Corinthians 2:9, “No one’s ever seen or heard anything like this, never so much as imagined anything quite like it—what God has arranged for those who love Him.” You’ll be introducing kids to Isaiah and Jeremiah and then finish the unit with the most EXTREME act ever—the resurrection of Jesus.

Unit 2: Survivor The Bible describes how a God-follower overcame their situation because God provided the strength. This unit covers some outrageous episodes when God stepped in to make His followers SURVIVORS. They faced strange and extraordinarily difficult circumstances. Video games and superheroes pale to the action-packed stories the kids will encounter in the next 13 weeks. Bring the Word to life and help your kids see that they can be survivors as they personally step into God’s story—a story that is beyond our imaginations!

Unit 3: Look at the Mess Each Bible account highlights someone who got in a mess and how God was faithful to them through the entire experience. God realizes our lives can get messy and He’s not intimidated in the least by them. Challenge your kids to hand over their messes to our powerful God who can handle every one of them. Since we’re heading into the summer months with this unit (when it’s easier to hose down a mess), we’ve included a messy game in each of the lessons. Oh yeah, kids love to make messes, and it’s even better when their leaders give them permission to do it.

Unit 4: Just Celebrate The Bible is full, and I mean full, of times when God's people celebrated. We celebrate all kinds of holidays, but how many of them are actually about celebrating God? These 13 lessons will guide your children to understand that God enjoys a good party, and He calls for a celebration each time one of the people He created comes back to Him. This would be a great time to spruce up your room for a 13-week long celebration! Bring out the crepe paper, balloons, and banners.

Unit 5: Held Captive What do Saul, Peter, Joseph, Samson, Jeremiah, Jonah, and the Ark of God have in common? (Thought you knew until you read that last one … right?) Each one was held captive at some point and then through amazing faith and God’s hand, each one was set free. We pray that you and your kids allow God to set you free—no matter what’s going on in your lives—to live according to His Word.

Unit 6: Those Crazy Animals Get to know some of God’s special creatures. Each lesson will use a characteristic of an animal to connect with the Bible story. For the story of Nicodemus, we use the bat, because it comes out at night and that’s when Nicodemus went to Jesus. For the story of Lazarus, we’ll find out that the elephant is the only animal who mourns its dead. And, for Zacchaeus, don’t you think he wished he could’ve been a little taller, maybe like a giraffe. If you’ll add these animals each week to your environment, you’ll find that the kids will remember something about the story because of their connection to what they’ve learned about the animal. Have fun with those crazy animals!

Unit 7: Get in the Game Start gathering team uniforms, sports paraphernalia, pennants, and anything else that might set the tone for a fun and engaging 13 weeks. You’ll be leading your league of kids as they learn how Jesus gathered a special team of 12, how God welcomes everyone on His team (through the story of Peter and Cornelius), about Paul finishing his race, and so much more. It’s going to be a great time of learning how God plans for us to live this game of life. We pray that you find great delight this summer in teaching kids God’s Word.

Unit 8: Undercover Disguises Picture this ... you're darting back and forth ... it's dark and you have special "see-people-in-the-dark" glasses on ... you hear the "Mission Impossible" theme song playing ... Okay, I think you get it.  Not only are we uncovering God's truths this month, but you and your kids are going to learn about biblical people who were courageous, compassionate, chased and caught!

Unit 9: Dial 911 Emergency! If they'd had a cell phone, 9-1-1 would have been on speed dial! This quarter we’ll learn about people who cried out to God in their emergency. They dialed 9-1-1, G-O-D. They had faith that God was there no matter what the situation. We teach our kids to dial 9-1-1 when there’s a fire. Let's also teach them to rely on God as the initial response in their emergencies, rather than when all else fails.

Unit 10: Record Setters What’s the record length of hair? What’s the largest building in the world? What does the smallest dog look like? Where is the largest pool in the world? Have you ever seen the largest rocking chair or baseball bat? They are all recordsetters!

You’re going to have loads of fun presenting the Bible stories in the April-June 2015 unit by using record setting objects and feats as object lessons to learn more about the record-setting people in the story. God wrote an astounding draw-dropping story in the lives of people who were just like you and me. We pray that you’ll have a record-setting experience with your kids as you explore God’s Word.

Unit 11: Diners, Drive-Ins, & Dives The Food Network show Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives was the inspiration for the fun theme that connects the Bible accounts the kids will be learning about in this unit. Each one of the lessons has food in it! Before you even look, can you think of some stories that include food? (You didn’t know there’d be a Bible quiz before you got started, did you?)

If you like to change your environment for each unit, think about a walk-up window, like you’d see at an ice cream shop, for your check-in center. Or, how about a food truck? A kitchen, restaurant façade, or a food court?

Unit 12: Agape National Park This fall you'll be visiting Agape National Park, where all the trails will lead your kids into God's Word. Each lesson begins with a visit from Parker Woods, who offers a tip about life in the wilderness, along with a connection to the Bible account the kids will be learning about. And then, you'll all look forward to weekly appearances by our puppet friends, the Park Ranger and his trusty Trainee. Join the crickets to sing praises to God at Agape National Park!

So, cozy up to the campfire, roast a marshmallow or two, 'cause there's so much S'more we want to share with you.

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