Your Amazing New Year Workshop

Your Amazing New Year Workshop

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As the end of the year approaches, it’s the perfect time to review and reflect on what you’ve accomplished during the past year and plan ahead for success in 2019.

Ryan Frank has created an entire 3-hour workshop to help you sift through what worked and what didn’t over the past year… and set actionable goals for the New Year that won’t overwhelm you!

From mindset shifts to crafting actionable goals, you’ll break down business, ministry, financial, and personal aspirations into tangible initiatives that you can stick to without feeling overwhelmed.

Included in the workshop is a complete PDF planner (Ryan Frank’s Productivity Playbook) that will help you break down your top goals and your big milestones into tangible action steps. 

This workshop will happen in January, 2019. Ryan will announce the date as it gets closer. If you miss the live workshop you will receive the video recording.

When Ryan Frank unrolls this to the world next month, enrollment will be $79. During this Cyber Monday week, you can enroll for just $39. You’ll get the entire 3-hour live workshop ($79 value), the video recording, and the Productivity Planner digital and printable planner ($39 value). 

Let’s make this your most amazing year yet! Enroll now! 

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