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Boost Your Skills With Specialized Group Coaching

Boost Your Skills With Specialized Group Coaching

Our expert coaches guide you through relevant ministry topics.

Create Growth, Resilience, and Impact

Coaching can be transformative for ministry leaders, offering guidance, accountability, and support in navigating challenges and seizing opportunities. As Proverbs 15:22 states, "Plans fail for lack of counsel, but with many advisers they succeed." Through shared wisdom and collective insight, leaders can gain clarity, perspective, and renewed confidence in their leadership journey. The camaraderie and encouragement found in group coaching creates growth, resilience, and lasting impact in KidMin.

Your Key to Ministry Success Awaits

Unlock your pathway to ministry success with our Specialized Group Coaching program. Every other month, you'll have the opportunity to join a coaching call where you can select the topic that resonates with your current ministry needs. Led by certified KidzMatter coaches, these calls address a range of hot topics and community-driven issues, ensuring relevance and effectiveness. With specialized topics rotating regularly, you'll always find fresh insights and strategies to propel your leadership forward. Plus, if you miss a coaching session, don't worry—each one is recorded and archived for you to watch on your own schedule. Embrace the power of coaching and elevate your confidence while staying ahead in your ministry journey.

Stay Ahead with Live Coaching Sessions

Our Specialized Group Coaching sessions are seamlessly integrated into your KidzMatter PRO Membership Site. You'll find the coaching schedule posted, along with the topics for each call, ensuring you can plan ahead and participate in sessions that align with your interests and needs. Led by our team of KidzMatter-Certified coaches, these calls occur live, offering you the opportunity to engage in real-time teaching and interactive Q&A sessions. Plus, if you miss a call due to scheduling conflicts or other commitments, each session is recorded and archived, allowing you to revisit the content at your convenience.

A Membership To KidzMatter PRO Includes:

Try KidzMatter PRO Today And Witness The Awesomeness For Yourself

Try KidzMatter PRO Today And Witness The Awesomeness For Yourself

What KidMin Leaders Like You Say About KidzMatter

"We were never meant to do ministry alone! The KidzMatter Community is a cornerstone when it comes to creating a place where ministers from all over the world can come together and share our visions, goals, values, ideas, celebrations and frustrations. KidzMatter is a family, dedicated to lifting one another up and joining together on the journey to bringing kids to Christ."

- Britney Singletary Stolte, TX