Company / Origin Story

The KidzMatter Origin Story

Ryan and Beth Frank's journey with Jesus began as children. They grew up in youth group together and while serving in ministries like the bus ministry, reaching out to inner-city youth, a flame was kindled within them—a strong commitment to children's ministry. Through their youth and into adulthood, this passion didn't leave, driving them to continue their mission of ministering to kids and families.

In 2004, just five years after they were married, Ryan and Beth launched the very first KidzMatter website, offering a handful of resources designed to support children's ministry leaders. Among these early offerings was a popular product called "The Works," a CD-ROM featuring 20 PowerPoint games for kids church activities that was shared with thousands of ministries.

The year 2008 marked a significant milestone with the birth of K! Magazine. Both Ryan and Beth felt a divine prompting to start publishing a magazine to serve children's ministry leaders, leading to the creation of this publication. The inaugural issue featured the Frank's daughter, Luci, on the cover, setting the stage for the magazine's continued delivery in both print and digital formats. This publication would later be renamed KidzMatter Magazine.

In 2010, KidzMatter expanded its offerings by introducing a Sunday morning curriculum called "The Kitchen." Although the curriculum was shortly discontinued to focus on other ministry areas, it underscored KidzMatter's commitment to providing valuable resources to churches.

A pivotal moment came in 2011 when KidzMatter received a generous donation of a 13,000 square foot ministry headquarters on 4 acres in Marion, Indiana, from the Green Family, owners of Hobby Lobby. This facility became a vital hub for KidzMatter's operations, featuring office space, a loading dock, and a spacious training center.

The following year saw the birth of KidzMatter's I Love Kidmin Facebook Community, a thriving online platform where children's ministry leaders could connect, share ideas, and find encouragement. Since its inception in 2015, this Facebook group has become a cornerstone of the KidzMatter community.

In 2015, Kidmin Academy was launched, offering a 12-month diploma program for children's ministry leaders seeking certification. This academic yet practical program has awarded over 3,500 diplomas to date, empowering leaders with the skills and knowledge needed for effective ministry.

In 2016, KidzMatter launched its inaugural national event with Kidmin Academy Live, drawing 300 children's pastors for a two-day gathering at The Creation Museum outside of Cincinnati, Ohio. This event marked the beginning of KidzMatter doing events at a larger scale, offering valuable training and networking opportunities to leaders in the children's ministry community.

Following its initial success, the event was rebranded as Mega Con, before eventually becoming known as The KidzMatter Conference. Each year, this annual conference continues to attract thousands of leaders, providing them with inspiration, practical tools, and connections to help them excel in their ministry efforts. 

In 2024, KidzMatter reached a monumental milestone with the release of KidzMatter PRO, its most comprehensive offering yet for KidMin leaders. This robust Membership Site provides an extensive lineup of resources, including exclusive content, engaging masterclasses, interactive coaching sessions, and much more—all designed to equip leaders for greater effectiveness in their ministry. With KidzMatter PRO, leaders have access to a vibrant community and comprehensive training resources, empowering them to navigate the complexities of ministry with clarity and purpose.

​Throughout it all, Ryan and Beth Frank remain committed to empowering and equipping the global children's ministry community. With a deep love for children and a passion for supporting those who work with them, the Franks and their ministry team continue to lead KidzMatter with dedication and vision, ensuring that churches around the world have the resources they need to effectively minister to kids and families.