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Jump Into Our Leadership Archive

Jump Into Our Leadership Archive

Access a comprehensive library of past training, exclusive sessions, and so much more.

You Can Navigate the Challenges of KidMin

Leading children's ministry poses unique challenges as you navigate the diverse needs and expectations of church leaders, volunteers, parents, and the kids themselves. To effectively serve these four groups, continuous growth and support are essential, which is where we come in. At KidzMatter PRO, we provide the resources and guidance you need to excel in leadership, foster thriving relationships, and make a lasting impact in children's lives.

Your Key to Ministry Success Awaits

Our Leadership Archive is a comprehensive repository within our Membership Site, exclusively available to KidzMatter PRO members. Here, you'll discover a wealth of valuable resources, including archives of Mastery Modules, Group Coaching Calls, Masterclasses, Member Only Podcasts, and Member Makeover Sessions. Whether you're seeking past training sessions or exclusive insights shared by industry experts, our Leadership Archive is your go-to destination for continuous learning and growth. With a diverse range of content spanning various topics and formats, there's something for every ministry leader to explore and benefit from. Unlock the archives today and elevate your leadership journey with KidzMatter PRO.

Leaders Are Learners

Leaders understand that continuous learning is essential for growth and effectiveness in their roles. Within our Leadership Archive, you'll find a plethora of learning opportunities tailored to empower leaders in children's ministry. From archived training sessions to exclusive insights, KidzMatter PRO provides the resources you need to thrive as a lifelong learner and leader.

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Try KidzMatter PRO Today And Witness The Awesomeness For Yourself

Try KidzMatter PRO Today And Witness The Awesomeness For Yourself

What KidMin Leaders Like You Say About KidzMatter

"KidzMatter has created such an encouraging, caring, and helpful community. I have made some amazing connections with other ministry leaders through KidzMatter."

- Teresa Roberts, OH